Welcome to the Tayvallich Inn. 

You will find all the information that you need for planning your visit to dine with us, or just to come for a drink by the waterside in Tayvallich. 

The Inn reopened on the 31st July 2020 to provide a food and drinks service in our outdoor seating areas and bar with private dining in our restaurant and a takeaway service. 

Our reopening was carefully planned and we have continued to update our procedures in line with our experience and up to date Government guidance.   Our aim at all time is to ensure that all of our customers and staff team are safe and have an enjoyable experience. 

We have developed a Policy and Procedure document for customers and staff.  This is under constant review and we have used this as the basis for our staff training. 

Our menu is available here along with a QR code which will allow you to download the menu to your phone.  Please do this before you come and visit us. A disposable paper menu will be available on request.

We are using a track and trace app called ‘epass’.  This is a secure system which holds personal information for 21 days.  The information is not accessible to any third party unless we are asked to by the appropriate authority.  It is a legal requirement that one member of your group checks in and leaves their contact details. 

The key things you need to know:

We are encouraging all customers to book tables through the booking section of the website.  

We have managed to accommodate some customers who have just turned up however the most effective way of us making your experience as safe as possible is to ensure that there are spaces between customers arriving, we can manage smaller staff numbers (which are required due to social distancing guidance and also reduces contact time between customers and staff), we can ensure that proper cleaning is completed between bookings. 

When your booking is confirmed, we try to provide you with a table number.  The table numbers are marked so that when you arrive, you can go straight to your table.  (This can be subject to change on arrival)

You will be able to book our restaurant for a family or household groups’ sole use.  The total number of people allowed will depend on the current Government Guidance.  You can contact us for more details. 

Customers must adhere to the current Government guidance at all time.  We will ask you to check on your booking form that your group meets the requirements.  For customers travelling from out with Scotland, you must also follow any guidance that is applicable to the location that you live in.    

There is a one in one out system for our toilets.

We are running a take away service.  Please phone on the day that you would like to collect, approximately half an hour before you would like to collect your food.  Please note that at busy times there may be a longer wait time, or we may not always be able to accommodate your order. 

You can collect your takeaway food from an outside counter.

I you just want to come for a drink, we can normally accommodate you, however there may be a longer wait than normal for service.  If there is a group of you please book though the website and include in the comments that you would like drinks only. 

Looking forward to seeing you!

Kathryn Danny and the Team

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